Monday, March 30, 2009

Found Treasures .. FLAIR May 1950

Treasure ...
May 1950 FLAIR Magazine

\ˈtre-zhər, ˈtrā-\
12th century
1 a (1): wealth (as money, jewels, or precious metals) stored up or hoarded (2): wealth of any kind or in any form : riches b: a store of money in reserve2: something of great worth or value ; also : a person esteemed as rare or precious3: a collection of precious things...

Treasure... for me as I dug thur boxes of old books and magazines at a road side garage sale .. One of my finds was this beautiful FLAIR magazine ... Roses Roses Roses my favorite flower and this magazine is blooming in Roses .

Description: Folio - over 12" - 15" tall. Flair Magazine, May 1950, Vol. 1 No. 4 - 122 pages. Cover is NEAR FINE condition with small crease on the edge of cut out frame and minor shelf wear on front. The front cover shows The Flair Rose with a cut out-Interpretation by Sylvia Braverman of the newly developed Flair Rose. The articles include: FEATURES:The Flair Rose by Bouquet Lentheric; This is a preview of the newest rose in the world,. the Flair rose, offspring of Lady Sylvia and Seedling #4 and named in Flair's honor by its growers in Holland/The New Expense-Account Society by John O'Hara/Celebrity in Fly by Jean Evans/Bed of Roses by Elizabeth Anne Pullar/ The Flower of Flowers by Katherine Ann Porter/FICTION: On Stony Ground by William Sansom/ENTERTAINMENT: Judy Holliday; Marlon Brando; Poet Fry is Shy by Christopher Fry/ART: The Rose in Art; Miserabilism; Zavattini Starts Something; P.J. Redoute/FASHION:The Petal Dress; Chiffon Negligee and Gown; Demi-jackets of Fur; The Flower; The Stem; Beach Black and White; White Birch and Black; A Rose is.../BEAUTY: The Rose in Scent by Idris Bruce Clerke/DECOR: Rose Settings; Flowering in Decor; Potpourri; In Trim Gardens/TRAVEL: Flair Travels to Sicily; Teatro Cifala.

Page 38

...the Rose in Beauty
The Petal Dress

Designed by Balmain for this issue of FLAIR, a drift of petals,a breeze of tulle,a dress that wears the aura of the rose.

If I could only find this dress . Oh My !! TREASURE !!

The ads, photos and art are truly amazing .

Page 94

Wreath of wild roses frontpiece of Redoute's book ,

Les Roses

The symbolic rose is a rose of honor,of elegance and of adoration.It is infused with many meanings.

Painting by Douanier Rousseau

Its fun how our life takes us in circles . Having just planted my climbing roses and minitures on my pourch and then to have found this Wonderful Magazine . In the same dig I found a fabulous book ...


11th Edition Copywrite 1941 Thin Paper Edition

... What a find !!!

" Familiar Quotations, A Collection of Passages,Phrases and Proverbs
Traced to their Sources in Ancient and Modern Literature"

I have had a hard time putting it down . Amazing how many have become "household words"

A must to check out at your local library or online ...

Friday, March 27, 2009

brown & white transferware - country icons

Portraits of an Icon

Intricate, earth-toned transfer patterns give these centuries-old ceramics star power ... and staying power.

The late-1880's Ansthetic Movement was the Golden Age of brown transferware's popularity.The earthy shades lent themselves to the movement's "back-to-nature' philosophy"

In the century that followed ,brown transferware was frequently bypassed by collectors who only had eyes for blue .But the past decade saw trends shift again , with the rich ,subtle hues of brown -and-white transferware gaining an ever-growing band of admires.

Transfer-printed tableware made its debut in England in the mid-1700's when potters developed a method for using tissue paper to transfer detailed designs from inked hand-engraved copperplates to white- and cream-bodied pottery.The technique allowed entire sets of matching dinner plates, pitchers, tureens, tea services and other pieces to be mass produced and sold at affordable prices to America's middle class.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Antique Station Oro Grande CA 92368

Antique Station
Oro Grande CA 92368

Yep ... This is where we were today ,, Loading up new inventory and checking out what was new . This has to be the best ANTIQUE Collectible and Treasure shop out there !! Located on the Historical Route 66 ,, Just west off the 15 @ D Street ,,Close to Apple Valley ,Victorville and Barstow . Its a place you have to make time to visit .It is amazing that so much good stuff has made it to 2009 . And the staff is wonderful !!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Something Special for the loved ones in your life !!

Special Delivery

With her love for ART and BABIES ... The perfect gift has come to be . Oil or Watercolor a special piece of art for the new little ones to treasure for ever. Customized to the day they were born .. Time on a clock Light or dark outside .. Weather Rain Snow Sunny ... Weight & Length .. She paints each one special for you . Boys Girls Twins or more . Click here ... for more information and order form . Great gift for any age ...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Art & Collectibles

Oils and Watercolor
by Gay Thrasher

Her oils and watercolors lighten your heart and bring smiles to your face .
Much happiness to your home or office . New Realism with Impressionistic approach landscapes,seascapes and still lifes with a unique mix of whimsy nostalagic Treasure !

She has an amazing way of making you feel as if you are there . I will be adding more art from Gay and hope that you make it back from time to time to enjoy her work as much as I do . You can also purchase Gay's Originals and Giclee of Sold Pieces @
Check out our site sign the guest book and let us know what you think .