Friday, March 27, 2009

brown & white transferware - country icons

Portraits of an Icon

Intricate, earth-toned transfer patterns give these centuries-old ceramics star power ... and staying power.

The late-1880's Ansthetic Movement was the Golden Age of brown transferware's popularity.The earthy shades lent themselves to the movement's "back-to-nature' philosophy"

In the century that followed ,brown transferware was frequently bypassed by collectors who only had eyes for blue .But the past decade saw trends shift again , with the rich ,subtle hues of brown -and-white transferware gaining an ever-growing band of admires.

Transfer-printed tableware made its debut in England in the mid-1700's when potters developed a method for using tissue paper to transfer detailed designs from inked hand-engraved copperplates to white- and cream-bodied pottery.The technique allowed entire sets of matching dinner plates, pitchers, tureens, tea services and other pieces to be mass produced and sold at affordable prices to America's middle class.

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