Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So Sweet So Soft and So Fun !!

Oh So Sweet !!
Oh So Soft !!
Oh So Fun !!

Girls just want to have fun !! I saw a sign that says it all ... Let them be Kids !! Dress up ..Tea Parties.. Paper Dolls..Baking Cookies .....

I have just finished a SHABBY...

little table..

It is Shabby and it fits in any room.And it is about combining the chic and feminine with just the right amount of Shabby to remind us of a country garden.

Pronunciation: \ˈsha-bē\
Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s):
shab·bi·er; shab·bi·est
Etymology: obsolete English shab a low fellow
Date: 1669
1: clothed with worn or seedy garments
2 : threadbare and faded from wear b: ill-kept : dilapidated

Little Girls
Author: Karen Barnes
Little girls are made of daisies and butterflies and soft kitty cat purrsAnd all the precious memories of times that once were.Little girls are made of angel's wings and giggles and a firefly's glowAnd all the happy feelings, deep inside, that we all know.Little girls are made of cinnamon and bubbles and fancy white pearlsAnd snowflakes and rainbows and ballerina twirls.Little girls are made of sunshine and cupcakes and fresh morning dew,And these are the reasons, little one, why everyone loves you.

A Baby Girl
Author: Unknown
A baby of the most beautiful miracles in life,one of the greatest joys we can ever know,and one of the reasons whythere is a little extra sunshine, laughter and happinessin your world today.

Just in ...New !! Blue Moon Baby Chenille Goods :D

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  1. Hi sweetie!

    First wanted to thank you for droppin' by the Yaya! And I LOVE your precious!!! I am looking forward to getting to know you....and have a beautiful & creative week!