Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cozy Comforts

Our luxurious range of Flex bags and heat pads offer natural drug-free pain relief and can be used hot or cold - they are also a great comforter and give instant heat for people who suffer from the cold or heat .
Hot Flashes ~ Aches and Pains ~ Depression ~ Headaches ~ Arthritis ~ Sleep Helpers ~ Stress Cramps ~ Pull Muscle ~ Injuries are just a few uses .

Small 5x8 12oz Flax $4.99
Medium 5x12 16oz Flax $8.99
X-Large... 5x17 32oz Flax $14.99
All Sleeves made of 100% Cotton Chenille
~Filled with Flex Seeds ~ Perfect Gift Item for all ages


  1. ~~ like these~~ I just saw them on ebay = I might have to order me some..

  2. Donna ,
    Can I help you with your COZY needs : D